Gremlin, gremlin go away!

Gremlin! No – not the furry 1980s’ type. That one’s a bit too cute for what I’m talking about.

With Halloween not far off, this gremlin is far more sinister.


The gremlin I speak of can reek of fear, doubt and disbelief.

It can paralyze, confuse, rob and creep.

It can cause you to question the core of who you are.

It can stifle your creativity and keep you small.

It can hold you back from the dreams you seek, but…

Only if you let it.

See, this gremlin has no power except that which we allow it to have.

And it’s within us that we each have the strength to take the reins back.

Get to know your gremlin.

Understand how it works, why it says what it says, when comes most alive to gloat.

With your new-found knowledge, it’ll retreat to its bed.

And yes, it’ll awaken to test you time and again.

Each time it does, you’ll learn and you’ll grow.

It’ll learn of your power, awesomeness and soul.

Until that day it realizes you’re now the master of it. Ha!

Note: I heard of the term “gremlin” from friends who read Rick Carson’s Taming your Gremlin and A Master Class in Gremlin-Taming books several years ago. The term has since stuck with me, and I use it as a label for my inner critic, doubter and fear-monger-er. I’ve also heard the term “boogeyman” used and fellow blogger Alexis Odd used the word “spider” in a recent post.


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