I’ll take a daily dose of ‘haha’, please


Have you heard the one about the blogger that crossed the road?


Me neither!


“Laughter is an instant vacation.” – Milton Berle

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? You know the kind where you laugh so hard and so long that your stomach muscles tighten to the point that they hurt so bad and you can’t take it anymore, but yet you can’t stop? Those are the best!

Hmmm… or what about the laughs that lead to an unexpected snort? I confess this happened to me last night. Wait, I think it happened twice. I swear it’s not a regular occurrence!

Life is not complete without laughter. Even on the worst days when everything seems to be going wrong or we have so much on our minds, a dose of laughter can lighten things up and restore a bit of balance to our lives.

In addition to feeling good after a good laugh, laughing has some great health benefits. According to an article by R. Morgan Griffin on WebMDGive your body a boost – with laughter”, laughing aids our body’s blood flow, immune response, blood sugar levels, and helps with relaxation and sleep.

Laughing has also increasingly gained acceptance as a form of exercise. And really, how could it not with all the ab muscle engagement? For yoga lovers, “laughter yoga” clubs have sprung up worldwide. Check out Laughter Yoga International, Laughter Yoga Ontario and American School of Laughter Yoga to learn more.

Now I know that a good joke can be hard to come by, but guess what? The internet has made it so easy to find some funny.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced the joys of autocorrect. Damn You Autocorrect is a hoot! Don’t go to that website if you’re in a place where you’re supposed to be quiet or where people will look at you like you’re crazy for the hysterical outbursts you will most certainly have. If you want more after that, visit good ole YouTube. Just run a quick search for “funny videos”. That is all.

When sources of laughter are sparse, I’ve resorted to creating opportunities to laugh.

You see, my version of funny can often veer into silly. When I was in elementary school, my friends and I would open the dictionary and call each other random, funny-sounding words. The tradition seems to live on, because my co-worker and I do something similar: we call each other pension terms (we work for a pension administrator). I suppose part of that is to animate the topic of pensions just a tad! 😉 When that’s not enough, we start singing pension terms to each other. Our range goes from opera to jazz to country! Maybe we should try rap next?

Chuckle on and share some of your methods for bringing more laughter into your life in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “I’ll take a daily dose of ‘haha’, please

  1. A few months ago I came across a site that was making the rounds in Facebook about photos of cats in funny and peculiar situations (like being stuck in a box, etc.). The photos were accompanied by captions which made the photos all the more hilarious. I was reading this at work and had to stop because tears were running down my face from laughing so hard. It feels good to laugh so hard sometimes. I think I’ll look up those photos again!

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