My click-a-day habit

In the early 2000s, I discovered The Hunger Site. It’s a website that allows you to – with a click-a-day (and I guess now also a tap-of-a-finger) – donate food to the hungry all around the world for free.


The site was set up by GreaterGood, founded in 1999 by Tim Kunin and Greg Hesterberg to provide “easy online ways to help people, animals, and the planet.” Since its inception, GreaterGood has given over $30 million to nonprofit charities globally. Over the years, GreaterGood expanded its Click-to-Give program to support a variety of causes with the following sites:

In addition to Click-to-Give, each site links to GreaterGood stores, where a portion of purchases goes to one of the causes of the buyer’s choosing. One-hundred per cent of sponsor advertising fees goes to charitable partners.

It’s really amazing what GreaterGood has achieved and how it’s grown to support so many worthy causes. Forbes profiled GreaterGood, including its work and operations in an article titled “How To Fund 141 Nonprofits At Once” this past summer.

I invite you to join me to develop your own click-a-day habit.

Tip: Clicks are tracked by cookies, so only one click per site will count per day. In other words, clicking 100 times in a day won’t amount to giving more. To maximize your click-to-giving, click at home, at work, and on your smartphone. 😉


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