Walk your own path


We’re all here to walk our own unique path. My path is different from yours, and yours different from mine. What lessons are you here to learn? I do not know, and neither do you know the ones that are exclusively mine.

But we judge. We judge each other and we judge ourselves. I compare you to me and you compare yourself to others.

How can she do that? I’m never going to get this! Why would he marry her? My career actually helps people. She’s selfish!

As we judge and we compare, we stuff ourselves in a box. And in that box, we lose our ability to be. We lose what makes us human – our compassion and empathy and love for self, him and her. We put on our judgments and comparisons and wear them like tight-fitting garments that restrict our ability to breathe. We alter our dream to gain favour. We change our style to fit in. We hold back on our words to contain furor. And sooner or later, our path becomes “theirs”.

Perhaps your path is carved out of addiction, leaving a toxic partner or chasing that dream the world says you’re absolutely insane to pursue.

Your struggle is your opportunity.

Maybe your path inspires the guy down the street to leave his addiction behind. Maybe you inspire the woman at your book club to admit for the first time her relationship is unhealthy. Maybe you running after that absolutely insane dream inspires your son to become an astronaut when he grows up. Maybe you just INSPIRE. Who am I or you to judge that?

No one knows what your path looks like. Your steps – your twists, your turns, your pace – make up your journey. And it’s your journey. How are you going to walk it?

© Fazeena Haniff and Live with Integrity Blog, 2014-2016.


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